After so much studying, it must be time to play! There are many games that you can play with the whole family using a magnetic board!

Do you know how to play “Hangman”? It’s a very simple game, that we all played as children at school.

Pictionary is a great family game usually played with pen and paper, the purpose is to make a guess the word by drawing it, before the set time runs out.  This comes to life on a large magnetic board.

Or the classic Noughts & Crosses, perfect for spending some time when there are only two players.

Alternatively, simply draw a target to have fun throwing magnetic darts, also easily available online.

With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless: by attaching some magnetic containers of different sizes, such as KalaMitica’s 9cm Cubes and Boules, you can have fun throwing paper balls and playing basketball!

 The choice of how to spend the cold winter evenings indoors is yours, the important thing is to play

and have fun!