Bring the KalaMitica style in your rooms with a blackboard created just for you!

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We can produce blackboards with a maximum size of 145cmx100cm
Do you need to have a larger blackboard?
By using more panels we can reach the size you wish!
Lavagna su misura


With the use of laser cutting we can customize the board as you wish, making it unique!
Furthermore, this cutting technology allows us to create holes for power outlets.
Elaborate customizations provide an additional cost which is calculated depending on the complexity of the cut.
Lavagna su misura


Five colours available:
  1. Charcoal
  2. Silver
  3. White
  4. Beige
  5. Weathering steel

The steel blackboards are treated with an anticorrosive coating and painted with pigmented epoxy / polyester powders.


The KalaMitica Blackboards can be fixed to the wall with screws and dowels that are supplied by us or otherwise with the use of silicone glues avoiding building works.
Depending on the fastening method you have chosen, we will produce holes in your board suitable for screw fixing or we will only make two small holes necessary for the painting process. 

Define the details of your blackboard! You can choose whether to smooth the corners or leave them with sharp edges.

Download the Excel file here below in order to have a quote for your blackboard!
Send us the file flled in all its parts to indicating every additional customization in the text of the e-mail.
We await your order!